SSTAGE Star Award for Promising Practices

Each year, SSTAGE selects school and district teams from a pool of applicants to present at the Best Practices Conference held in January.  Teams selected for the conference are automatically considered for the SSTAGE Star Award for Promising Practices.  At the conference, members of the audience complete an evaluation form modeled after the SSTAGE Best Practices rubric which includes five major characteristics of effective Pyramid of Intervention and RTI practices.  These components include:

  • Effective systematic problem-solving process at each tier
  • Coordinated system of instructional/behavioral supports/resources
  • Coordinated system of assessment and progress monitoring
  • Job-embedded professional learning and ongoing teacher support
  • A systematic plan for parent/family communication and involvement

After tabulating the results, the finalists are selected.  Teams identified as finalists are then visited onsite at their school and system by a team from SSTAGE for a more in-depth look at their implementation of RTI practices and ongoing results.  After all, teams are visited, the winners are selected.

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Debbie Rondem Award for Outstanding Leadership

In June 2011, the SSTAGE Board of Directors established the Debbie Rondem Award for Outstanding Leadership in honor of the award’s first recipient and third president of SSTAGE – Debbie Rondem.  Each year thereafter, SSTAGE will provide members the opportunity to nominate fellow members for the award which recognizes and celebrates the outstanding leadership qualities modeled by Debbie Rondem.

Qualifications for this award:

  • Must be a current, active SSTAGE member and serving in a local leadership position.
  • Must be currently employed as an administrative position in central office or in a school level leadership position that focuses on supporting all students.
  • Maybe a current member of other professional organizations.
  • Possess a record of service in educational leadership that is considered exemplary.
  • Exhibit leadership characteristics that are considered a positive role model for others.
  • Show exemplary leadership in education and other areas of service in the community, state, and/or nation.
  • Exemplify outstanding collaboration skills and successfully overcomes barriers through the use of excellent organizational, communication and networking skills.
  • Shows high levels of compassion and grace, while maintaining high standards of practice.

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Special Awards

Special awards are created by the SSTAGE Board of Directors and awarded to deserving individuals for their outstanding accomplishments and service.

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