Primary legal responsibility for educating children lies with each state - not the US Government or local counties or cities.  It is logical then, that a state’s legislature be actively involved in providing for and undergirding the education that is delivered in all public schools.  It is, likewise, critical that a legislative body be keenly aware of needs and practices in the public schools.  It is imperative, then, that local citizens and especially educators be partners in this process because very few of our representatives have backgrounds as trained educators.

Legislative updates are a vital means for you to maintain awareness of trends and progress in the legislature’s attempts to strengthen and fund our education system.  They can help you and your colleagues know when your input is essential in optimizing bills that are being considered by Georgia’s General Assembly—or in creating bills that need to be considered.

We find that the daily updates that come during the legislative session from, variously, the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL), Georgia School Superintendent’s Association (GSSA) and the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) are consistently thorough and factual.  There are other entities that provide excellent information as well, but these are the primary three to whom we will provide links in order to help keep you as informed as possible.  We urge you to go beyond these and discover other channels of useful and timely information.

Check back here for links to legislative updates on Georgia’s General Assembly.

GAEL – Georgia Association of Educational Leaders

GSSA – Georgia Schools Superintendent Association

GSBA – Georgia School Board Association