Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is comprised of appointed chair(s) and volunteers who serve on the committee which seeks to guide the communications functions of SSTAGE. This includes newsletters, website development, and updates which help promote the mission of SSTAGE. The Communications Committee chair(s) reports to the Board as to updates and input on SSTAGE communications activities. The Communications Committee presents all final proposals to the Board and/or when appropriate to the President and Executive Director for approval or vote prior to postings or communication to members.

Strategic Purpose:

To monitor and recommend ways to continually expand SSTAGE’s network and to recommend ways to develop their communication and leadership skills; ways to help provide the environment in which members can develop their communication skills; ways to recognize members and motivate them to achieve; and ways to increase membership news and communications using diverse technologies.


  • To discuss, recommend, and review new communication and educational materials that will enable members to improve their communication and leadership skills as well as discuss and recommend ways to improve existing materials and practices.

  • To discuss, review, share, and recommend ways to help members and schools strive for high standards of practice in education.

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Recommend ways to increase and support membership.

Develop a network of members who actively engage in promoting the mission, vision and value statements of SSTAGE through committee involvement and participation.


  • To expand membership to all schools and school systems in Georgia.

  • To increase membership involvement in committees across multiple years to accomplish their charge/objective.

If you are interested in joining this committee, fill out our online committee membership form.